Chris Millar

Chris Millar was born in Claresholm, Alberta and currently lives and works in Calgary. He completed a Fine Arts Diploma in 1998 at Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton, Alberta and his BFA at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary in 2000. Painted with gestures of excess, Millar's works are immoderate, and at heart, ridiculous. Pulling from formal influences such as comic books, rock music, video games, television, the art world and pop culture in general, Millar’s paintings put spoof through a blender, chewing up narrative arcs and spitting them back out in a vortex of idiom, ribaldry and farce. Building his paintings through a multitude of processes and acrylic layers, Millar’s craft is impeccable. His fetishistic, outrageously decadent illustrations of human-folly are both overwhelming and seductive, the ultimate construction for a turbo-culture world.