Fred Herzog

For more than half a century, since he arrived from Germany in the early 1950's, Fred Herzog has roamed Vancouver's streets with his camera. He began his career as a medical photographer at St. Paul's Hospital in 1957 and finished as an instructor in the Fine Arts department at the University of British Columbia in 1974. Herzog's works are placed in distinguished collections across North America and his achievements were honoured in a retrospective of his oeuvre at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2007. Herzog's eye dwells on the raw urban underbelly of the city: second-hand shops, vacant lots, barbershops and greasy spoons, crowded with people and their stuttering dreams. He draws upon documentary traditions in photography while incorporating an outsider's sensitivity to a new environment. The synaesthetic quality in Herzog's photographs is undeniable: he captures both silence and sound in his visually stunning urban scenes. His bold use of colour - highly unusual in the 1950s and '60s - adds to the power of his huge, and hugely influential, body of work. From: "Fred Herzog: Vancouver Photographs", Vancouver Art Gallery, 2007.