TBG1 Multiples

David Hoffos

David Hoffos is a film, video, and installation artist living and working in Lethbridge, Alberta. Born in Montréal in 1966, Hoffos grew up in Australia and Calgary before moving to Lethbridge. He received his BFA with Great Distinction from the University of Lethbridge in 1994. Hoffos' mesmerizing and critically acclaimed five-phase series of illusionary installation works, Scenes from the House Dream, has become well known for its technologically conjured effects harking back to early forms of cinema and magic lantern shows. Secret doorways, hidden hallways, and miniature scenes peopled by ethereal figures draw the viewer into the artist's subconscious dream world. Prompted by the notion of the house as a Jungian archetype for the self, the series affords the viewer a glimpse into Hoffos' "personalized architecture of the self."


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