July 28, 2020

Chris Cran (Plan B) – South Window Project

Something new to see on your daily or nightly stroll or bike ride through the Beltine in YYC! 

TrépanierBaer is pleased to announce that new works by Chris Cran are now on view as part of our (Plan B): The South Window Project. Always the observer of his surroundings and re-presenting them as colourful or monochromatic optical illusions, these new works display the artist’s interest in various media, and pushing the possibilities of this media to their fullest potential.

Oval Portrait and Ambiguous History, the two new works on view, are part of a new series of works made on enamel steel, and explore the medium’s reflective abilities to shimmer and delight. Yves Trépanier and Chris Cran exchanged a few words regarding this new work: to read the transcript, please click here.

We invite you to view them in situ, along with a bustling chorus of tondi and ovals who float about them, and whose array of expressions suggest an animated dialogue about the two new works! Come see what they are saying!

Image Credit:

Chris Cran
Oval Portrait, 2020
Enamel paint on enamel steel
20″ x 14″