September 12, 2020

Oscar Cahén and the Feheley Connection

In anticipation of the forthcoming fall exhibition Discovering Oscar Cahén, an exhibition presented by both TrépanierBaer Gallery and Feheley Fine Arts, we would like to present the connection between Feheley Fine Arts and the Painters Eleven.

Feheley Fine Arts has a long legacy as an Inuit art gallery, beginning with Pat Feheley’s father Budd (M. F.) Feheley, a prominent graphic arts studio executive and ardent art collector. What is not generally known is that Budd owned a gallery that championed Canadian abstract art in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was at this gallery that Cahén’s monumental painting, The Warrior, was exhibited for the very first time in 1957.

The third printing of the acclaimed book Oscar Cahén—featuring essays by ten collaborators who cast a new light on the life and work of the artist—is available through TrépanierBaer Gallery. For more information, contact

To read more about the Feheley connection, please click here.

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Jack Bush, Hortense Gordon, Walter Yarwood, Jock Macdonald, Kazuo Nakamura, Tom Hodgson, Alexandra Luke, and Harold Town, 1957. Oscar Cahén is represented by his monumental painting in the background, The Warrior, completed shortly before his sudden passing in 1956.