February 11, 2022

Happy Valentines: Temptation

There’s a shade of red for every woman, Audrey Hepburn.
And every man and LGBTQIA2S+person on the planet, TrépanierBaer

From Cleopatra to Margaret Thatcher (yes, the Iron Lady wore and kept a tube of red lipstick in her purse) to WW II anti-fascist resistance fighters, and US suffragettes who wore red lipstick as a symbol of emancipation, and most recently, in 2019, to 10,000 Chilean women who took to the streets wearing black blindfolds and red lips to denounce sexual violence. Red lips and lipstick are the subtle symbol of emancipation and power.
Chris Cran celebrates the time-honoured symbol of seduction and political resistance in his explosive POP-inspired piece Lipstick, a work that should be in every lover’s and resistance fighter’s collection.
Happy Valentines 💋
And by the way, sometime over the weekend when you’re squeezing your lover, indulge in the dulcet sounds of these songs:
I Put a Spell on You: Nina Simone
If You Love Me; Melody Gardot
I Made Up my Mind to Give Myself to You; Bob Dylan
My Funny Valentine; Chet Baker
Summertime; Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Image Credit
Chris Cran
Lipstick, 2019
Acrylic on paper
12” x 15.5” – image