July 19, 2017

3 Famous Canadian artists in Tinos

The Liberal Newspaper

In August, an exhibition of particular importance is being launched at the Foundation of Tinian Culture in Tinos. The exhibition titled “Open Horizons“, edited by Dr. Caterina Pizania, aims to recommend to Greek audiences the work of three famous Canadian artists: Ron Moppett, Allyson Glenn and Colleen Heslin. The exhibition is a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation (1867-2017) and the 75th anniversary of Greek-Canadian diplomatic relations.

All three artists are at the forefront of the Canadian art community. They go beyond the prescribed limits and hierarchies of art, which is evident in how the audience responds to their award-winning visual practices. In artfully innovative ways, they refer to the vastness of the nature of the Canadian landscape and illustrate it. They prefer to cover the canvas, sometimes expanding the works on the floor, creating installations, artistically loud, telling stories of a world in liquidity; projects that can resist and confront the challenges of the Aegean Sea – the endless blue Horizon, plenty of light, and above all, the myriad stories that have been buried in the depths and washed out of its shores.

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Image Credit:
Ron Moppet
SAILOR, 2017
Mixed Media
8 feet x 6 feet x variable height