July 3, 2019

Alexander, Carl, Herzog, Stevenson

Summer at Trépanier
Alexander, Carl, Herzog, StevensonOpening:
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

TrépanierBaer is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by four distinguished Canadian artists: photographers Vikky Alexander and Fred Herzog, and sculptors Sarah Stevenson and James Carl. Each artist is allocated a separate room in the gallery to optimize the presentation of their work. The resulting installation offers visitors to the gallery the opportunity to engage with the artist’s work both individually, and in conversation with each other providing insights into the working methods of each artist.

While Alexander walks viewers through the streets of contemporary Istanbul focusing her lens on the vitrines of home décor showrooms, Herzog presents the rough and tumble streets of Vancouver populated with pawnshops and corners stores of the 1950s and 60s. With conceptually different approaches to the medium Alexander and Herzog present resonant images of desire, accumulation, consumerism, disposal and neglect.  Both artists present a rich tableaux of urban life from two distinct places and times.

Like Alexander and Herzog, Sarah Stevenson and James Carl take different approaches to their work exploring and exploiting the use of materials to demarcate three-dimensional space. Whether using sturdy or refined wire and thread (Stevenson) or recycled venetian blind slats (Carl), the resultant sculptures are beautifully engaging, voluminous, transparent, geometric objects. The sculptures, patterned by the use of crossing and weaving of the materials consistent with both artists’ working methods, suggest a precise mathematical foundation to their genesis.  These sculptures, while suggesting an ample sense of volume, imply a lightness of being and delicacy revealing what might be the very essence of sculpture.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery!

Fred Herzog
Magazine Man, 1959/2006 
Colour photograph, archival pigment print
Edition 5/20
12″ x 18″