November 6, 2020

Art Toronto: National Gallery Hop – Saturday, November 7, 2020

For the last stretch of Art Toronto, the fair has organized a National Gallery Hop at all participating galleries in cities across Canada. TrépanierBaer is pleased to participate and to be presenting works in two cities: at our gallery in Calgary and at the ART TO Pop-Up at SBG in Toronto.

If you have not already seen the exhibitions or would like to see them one more time in-situ, now is your chance!


In the main gallery, TrépanierBaer presents Alicia Henry: 2012 – 2020.  Her practice presents various figures and portraits made from textiles and other media, inspired by people she has known, and those she has encountered in her life. These works address ideas of individuality and community across time and space. With numerous approaches to scale, these works portray individual figures, and sometimes figures shown as collective group.

In our Viewing Room, TrépanierBaer is presenting new and recent works by Chris Millar, Kent Merriman Jr., Ron Moppett, and DaveandJenn.


At TrépanierBaer’s booth in Toronto at the ART TO Pop-Up @ SBG, we are pleased to present new paintings and works on paper by Toronto-based artist Brandan Doty. Brandan Doty’s paintings are recognized by their pronounced line-work and their dry-brush application. With imagery that is culled from observational drawings and memory, Doty uses comedy and animism to tackle  embarrassment in the interest of staging a controlled demolition of his own personal and cultural totems.

Also on view is Evan Penny: Why Do You Peel Me From Myself?  exhibition.  The installation consists of three elements: Hanging Marsyas, a realistic sculpture of the mythological Marsyas, bound by the god Apollo as he prepares to flay the mortal of his skin; Biomorphic Mirrors, a series of reflective gold-plated bronze sculptures enlarged from the impression created by squeezing clay into the palm of the hand; and a set of photographs showing the distorted image of Marsyas reflected in the Biomorphic Mirrors.

Neither of these exhibitions are to be missed!

To visit the ART TO Pop-Up @ SBG, please call 416-504-0575.


Brandan Doty holds a BFA in Painting from The Alberta College of Art + Design (2005), now known as the Alberta University of the Arts, and an MFA from The University of Guelph (2015). Recent solo exhibitions of note include: What’s The Best Dog You Ever Had?    New Edward Gallery, Calgary (2019); and Big Pain of Glass, Crawley Theatre, Marfa, Texas (2018).  Selected group exhibitions include: Controlled Burn, Mini Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas (2017); Auto Feeling, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto (2015); and No Prressurrre, curated by Patrick Cruz, Capacity 3, Guelph, Ontario.

In 2004 Doty received The Ellen Battell Stoekel Fellowship from Yale University, and in 2017 was Toronto’s Underground Comedy Club Artist-in-Residence. In 2018 he began the publishing house The National Gallery of Saskatchewan Press, and that same year he was awarded the Little Mt. Rios Residency of West Texas, in Marfa. Doty was born in 1980 in St Thomas Ontario, and since 2015 has lived and worked in Toronto.

Image Credit:

Brandan Doty
Untitled, 2020