November 16, 2018

ARTFORUM – October 2018 – COMPRESSSION: Elana Herzog and Luanne Martineau at Western Exhibitions, Chicago

By Brian T. Leahy
pp. 234-35

Elana Herzog and Luanne Martineau echo familiar parries to modernsim’s vainglorious legacies. Their works substitute common materials, including textiles, for oil paint; involve craft techniques such as paper-making and needle felting; and focus on the domestic, the gendered, and the everyday in place of the grandiose and the utopic. Yet, though they are invested in these critiques, both artists happily provide more than admonitions, as their recent pairing for “COMPRESSION” emphasized.

To read the entire piece, please open the PDF listed below.

Image credit:
Luanne Martineau
Knocking Hangers, 2018
Hand-needled felt, factory felt,
hand-made paper, linen,
gesso, wood, Velcro
6 feet 11  inches x 12 feet 7 inches