June 25, 2013

Calgary Flood 2013 Update

Released Tuesday, June 25, 2013

As the clean up continues many of you have contacted the gallery for advice about how to care for artworks after the flood and also about securing storage for undamaged art works.  We have been in touch with our colleagues at Glenbow and with conservator Ann Lavender whom some of you have worked with in the past. If you have paintings, works on paper, books and/or sculptures that are water damaged or in excessive humidity, we recommend that you follow these steps: 

1. Drying is the most important issue: move the artwork to a dry higher level.
2. Unframe works on paper (drawings and water colours) and lay them on a dry flat surface.
3. Leave paintings in their frames, this helps to give a structured support and helps prevent warping that can pull the canvas.
4. Stand books up and let them stand up fanned out.
5. Bronze sculpture: remove any silt as soon as possible. Wash off with plain water, no soap. Use a soft toothbrush to remove silt in crevices.
6. Use fans and open widows for air circulation.

For further information and help you may contact Ann Lavender at aelavender@shaw.ca.

Our colleagues at Glenbow, specifically the conservation team, are kindly offering treatment advice for water damaged artworks. For more information you may contact Melanie Kjorlien, Vice President, Access, Collections and Exhibitions at: mkjorlien@telus.net.

Many of you have inquired about storage. Unfortunately our storage facility was flooded. Luckily our inventory was untouched, however the facility is in a restricted zone until further notice and the power to the area is restored.  We are working on storage solutions and hope to have some positive news about limited storage soon. We will be in touch with those of you who have contacted us over the past few days.

Additionally you may contact Doug Levis or Frank Hall who have limited storage in their facilities:

Doug Levis: mail@levisauctions.com or at 403-860-9922
Frank Hall:  frank@hodginsauction.com or at 403-651-6878

For moving art works you may contact:

Kelly at Kid Gloves at 403-660-7792
Orville Randen at 403-714-5609

Don’t hesitate to contact the gallery at info@tbg1.com or 403-244-2066. We are here to help.

Yves Trépanier, Kevin Baer and Judy Ciccaglione