March 1, 2016

Christian Eckart – HAT Trick at Centennial Place, Calgary

Avenue Magazine
March 2016, p. 162
Katherine Ylitalo

Three kaleidoscopic crystalline structures fracture and reflect the space between the West and East Towers of Centennial Place. The viewer is struck first by the scale and perfect proportions of the artwork, and artist Christian Eckart’s ability to harmonize surface and form. He enlists architectural dichroic glass (originally developed for NASA’s satellite mirrors) to create mesmerizing hexagonal clusters; they punctuate space at various angles, each glass component a different size, coated with one of six colours, and changing throughout the day. Eckart handles aerospace materials with an innate grasp of Renaissance composition  and affinity for the 19th-century philosophy of the Northern Romantic Sublime.

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Image Credit:

Christian Eckart
HAT -Trick, 2010-2013
Centennial Place, Calgary