November 15, 2018

DaveandJenn: Exhibitionists – CBC Arts News

By: Dominique Keller

DaveandJenn’s unsettling sculptures might repulse you — or make you vaguely hungry.

‘A friend looked at that piece and said, “I don’t know if I want to eat it or run away screaming.”‘

Maybe the reason that DaveandJenn’s sculptures, installations and video have a sort of attraction-repulsion to their viewers is that they’re conjuring both the beauty and the tragedy of being alive. Their name is similarly curious: DaveandJenn is the combined moniker of David John Foy and Jennifer Saleik, two very separate artists who finish each other’s sentences and make artwork that even they can’t divide into their individual parts. Their work combines historical materials like bronze and plaster with contemporary stuffs like plastic and resin — so calling it puzzling is as literal as it is visual.

The subject matter is no less complicated: DaveandJenn look to science, history, time, place, daily life, western mythology and pop culture as their sources. Then, they translate all of it into this dizzying, creepy and visually stunning set of creatures, sometimes without heads.

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