June 21, 2019

DaveandJenn in The Collection Continues: A Quarter Century of Collecting Art Gallery of Hamilton

June 21, 2019 to January 25, 2020

The Collection Continues brings together outstanding works acquired over the last twenty-five years by the Art Gallery of Hamilton for its permanent collection.

Featuring local, national, and international artists from the past and present, including DaveandJenn, this exhibition considers the remarkable growth of the permanent collection and the intimate connections between its many strengths. The generosity of donors, the foresight of directors and curators, the formative role of living artists, and the rise of new generations of artists that explore a diverse array of media and subject matter are all explored here.

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We run in packs, 2015
Resin, acrylic and oil paint
28 3/8” x 24 ½” x 4”
Collection of the Art Gallery of Hamilton