April 12, 2023

DaveandJenn: We Were All Here – New Essay

TrépanierBaer is pleased to present DaveandJenn: We Were All Here, a thoughtful and attentive essay written by Katherine Ylitalo about their recent exhibition at the gallery. Included was the seminal installation titled A Forest Song, that will be shown at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff this summer as part of their group exhibition titled For the Birds.

As noted:

DaveandJenn were first celebrated for detailed, phantasmagoric paintings that invite a close look into layers of transparent resin where paint, light and shadow flicker. The play of luminescence extends into new territories of material and form in this cohesive exhibition of recent work.

In addition to resin paintings like Masterclass (a sensational, tricky, puppet show) and watercolours, this exhibition presents mixed media sculpture, stained glass, “video painting,” neon, and installation. Clustered like islands in an archipelago, they relate to each other as cultural landscapes, places with a sense of permeable time, interwoven with stories and tinged with qualities that beguile, enchant, and disturb.

To read more about this fantastic and extraordinary exhibition, its corresponding cast of characters, and DaveandJenn’s practice, please open the booklet listed below.

Image Credit:

Masterclass, 2022
Acrylic paint on resin
12” x 9.5”
Private Collection