January 25, 2018


Project Space at Esker Foundation, Calgary, Canada
29 January – 29 April, 2018

“For all its glory, civilization cannot console us for the loss of what it destroys.
Robert Pogue Harrison, Forests: The Shadow of Civilization

Paradise for an in-between time brings us back to the forest, a landscape often depicted in their earlier work. However, this forest is a mirage; a heartache; an exercise in resilience; as well as a party for the end of the world. It is filled with light, shadows, and reflections layered together to recreate something that is lost and, perhaps, not yet found.

To read the entire piece, please open the PDF listed below. 

Artist Talk: Art, Science, History, and Hearsay DaveandJenn Art
Thursday, February 15th, 7-8pm

The world of Calgary-based artists DaveandJenn, Jennifer Saleik and David Foy, merges history with hearsay, mythology with the everyday, and bronze with plastic. The artists will talk about making work in an information age and how their joint practice has evolved over the years from making highly detailed resin paintings to include intricate multi-medium sculptures and now, most recently, installation work.

(Talk is Free) Registration link: https://eskerfoundation-daveandjen.eventbrite.ca

Image Credit:
Installation View
Paradise for an in-between time
Photo credit: Courtesy of the Esker Foundation