November 18, 2020

Discovering Oscar Cahén (1916-1956) – Exhibition Postponed 

Due to the rise of Covid-19 cases in Ontario and throughout the country, we have made the decision to postpone the forthcoming exhibition Discovering Oscar Cahén (1916-1956). The exhibition was scheduled to open Thursday, November 26th in Centre Space at Feheley Fine Arts, and will be postponed until further notice. As Ontario’s leading medical experts rightly continue to advise us to forego non-essential visits, we know that it is in the best interest for all to take this action.

This ground-breaking exhibition will include the triumphant return of Cahén’s painting The Warrior to Toronto and to Feheley Fine Arts, since it was first shown 63 years ago at the Park Gallery, owned by Pat’s father, Budd Feheley. It is one of Cahén’s most important paintings and will be the centerpiece of a fabulous group of paintings and illustrations that attest to the importance of Cahén’s legacy within the history of Canadian modern art.

While we and The Cahén Archives do not take this decision lightly, we do however feel that it is the appropriate action during this troubling time. We look forward to bringing Discovering Oscar Cahén (1916-1956) to you at a future date, in better times.


Pat Feheley  and  Yves Trépanier

Image Credit:

Oscar Cahén
Rooster, FAO 563, ca. 1951
Oil on masonite
24″ x 21.5″