October 15, 2020

Donald Ellis Gallery at Frieze Viewing Room – Last Day: October 16, 2020

As a brief mention before the weekend begins: Friday, October 16 marks the last day to see Line and Colour: Historical Native American Drawing from North to South, organized by Donald Ellis Gallery for the second edition of the Frieze Viewing Room, a digital platform hosting both Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2020.

For this year’s edition of the Frieze Viewing Room, Donald Ellis Gallery is presenting a selection of rare historical Native American drawings spanning various Indigenous cultures across Canada and the United States. The gallery is also proud to present a curated selection of historical Native American art that showcases the high level of sophistication of these artistic traditions.

In 2014, TrépanierBaer collaborated with Donald Ellis Gallery for the critically acclaimed exhibition Keeping Time: Ledger Drawings and the Pictographic Traditions of Native North Americans ca. 1820-1900. 

For more information about Donald Ellis Gallery at  the Frieze Viewing Room please click here to read the press release issued by the gallery.

Image Credit:
Memory Aid Drawing
Navajo, Arizona or New Mexico, ca. 1940
Graphite and watercolour on paper
8″ x 10″