May 14, 2021

Doug Coupland at TrépanierBaer: Crawl and chew and dig your way….

TrépanierBaer is pleased to present a large-scale, colourful and witty painting from Doug Coupland’s QR Code Paintings series, a body of work that is interactive with the viewer. The work’s title is revealed when you use your cell phone’s QR code reader, and given the current state of affairs, the painting’s message is more than timely. During the past year, when our alarm clocks have gone  off in the morning, who hasn’t felt like their experience of getting out of bed is like crawling, chewing, and digging their way into a brand new day? On view now at the gallery.

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QR Code Painting
“Crawl and chew and dig your way into a radical new world.
You will change minds and souls, and that is what you believe.
That is what you know.” 2011
Signed and dated on verso
Acrylic and latex on canvas
72” x 72”