December 10, 2020

Evan Penny – Hanging Marsyas – Top 10 Artworks of 2020 – The Globe and Mail

Evan Penny’s Hanging Marsyas was listed as one of the the top 10 artworks of 2020 by Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail. Her list includes works from the most stunning and startling exhibitions at Canadian galleries and online this year.

Hanging Marsyas  is a  small-scale but otherwise shockingly realistic sculpture of a male figure hanging upside down. It was displayed in the booth created by Calgary’s TrépanierBaer Gallery for a pop-up mini art fair organized by the Stephen Bulger Gallery for Art Toronto in October. The figure, very human but with cloven hooves, is taken from the Greek myth of the satyr, whom challenged Apollo to a musical contest and got flayed alive for his efforts. This hanging creature is about to be skinned.

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Installation View of Evan Penny’s Hanging Marsyas at the ART TO Pop Up @ SBG, 2020