October 26, 2006

Found In Pop: 6 Artists
Opening Thursday October 26th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

In July of 1965 the American collector Leon Kraushar stated in an article published in Life magazine titled, You Bought It – Now Live With It, “Pop is the art of today, and tomorrow, and all the future. These pictures are like IBM stock … and this is the time to buy.”

TrepanierBaer is pleased to announce the opening of an exciting exhibition titled, Found in Pop: 6 Artists. The exhibition features the work of Vikky Alexander, Chris Cran, Christian Eckart, Will Mentor, Ron Moppett and John Will; six artists whose current work finds its roots in varied historical precedents but is ultimately imbued with the spirit of Pop.

Each of the artists presented in Found In Pop: 6 Artists confounds absolutist theories of art, has a common interest in vernacular sources and reflects contemporary experiences and popular culture. Not a group that would normally be shown together, these artists challenge the orthodoxy of the day. Found in Pop is sure to bring a little Pop to your life.

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, October 26 for the preview of Found in Pop: 6 Artists. Several of the artists will be attendance.

For further information please open the attachment (it’s lively) or contact the gallery at (403) 244 – 2066 or at info@tbg1.com

Yves Trepanier, Kevin Baer, Pam Bulla