June 28, 2022

Geoffrey James & Christian Eckart – Exhibitions on View

Geoffrey James: Social Spaces — Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana

Architekturzentrum Wien, Gallery, Vienna, Austria
June 30 to July 28, 2022

Christian Eckart “Closer/Still II”
The Re Institute, Millerton, New York
July 2 to August 28, 2022

If you happen to be in Vienna this summer, theArchitekturzentrum Wien Gallery is presenting Geoffrey James: Social Spaces — Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana.This exhibition presents photographs by Geoffrey James of social spaces designed by the architect Jože Plečnik (1875–1957) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Plečnik created a distinctive cityscape with a series of public spaces and connecting routes that use monuments, stairs, raised benches, columns and other spatial markers to create an exciting dialogue with the historic substance and newly planted trees.

Geoffrey James has spent decades engaging with “man-made landscapes and cityscapes”, he has visited and re-visited the subject of Jože Plečnik and photographed the architect’s designs numerous times over the past twenty years. Currently, Geoffrey James is working on a book about Jože Plečnik, in collaboration with the architectural historian Indra Kagis McEwen.  

Not to be missed if you are in the neighbourhood! For more information on this exhibition, please click here.


Christian Eckart’s installation titled Closer/Still II is on view now at The Re Institute,  in Millerton, New York. As he remarked:

This exhibition opportunity at The Re Institute presented me with a chance to test a hypothesis by creating a site-specific installation piece entitled “Closer/Still II”. As an undergraduate art student in Western Canada I created a work in homage to Ian Curtis and the music of Joy Division about 40 years ago, entitled “Closer/Still”, and this new installation piece is meant to index and affirm that long ago gesture. I was inspired by the tall slender stained glass of Sainte Chapelle, the private chapel of the French Monarchy, completed in Paris around 1248. I found myself overwhelmed by what can only be described as the psychedelic and psycho-active impact of engaging with the space and the spray of color from the stained glass…

For more information on this impressive and large-scale installation, please click here.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding upcoming summer exhibitions, the fall season, and other noteworthy events!
Image Credit:
Jože Plečnik, Reading Room at the National and University Library (NUK)
© photograph: Geoffrey James