May 29, 2020

#GlenbowFromHome: Virtual Tour of One New Work: Do You Remember/Snow & Stars with Ron Moppett

Ron Moppett’s latest painting, Do You Remember/Snow & Stars went on view at Glenbow in February 2020 as part of Glenbow’s ongoing One New Work series, curated by Nancy Tousley.

The new painting ended up inspiring Moppett and Tousley to transform the whole gallery space into a floor-to-ceiling art experience. They created a new combination (or montage) of Moppett’s older paintings that have never been hung together in this way before. Each panel (or “fragment”) has become part of a “collage” of paintings that now creates one large, long complete painting.

Today for #GlenbowFromHome, Ron Moppett himself gives us a virtual tour of his exhibition at Glenbow. He throws in some great stories about where his inspiration comes from and gives us a clue to figure out what that upside-down Lassie dog is all about.

Moppett often refers to his large-scale paintings as “walk-in paintings.” the term originally comes from the artist Jim Rosenquist, an American Pop artist. The idea is that the painting is big enough that you feel like you’re enveloped and you feel like you can actually go into the picture.

There are a lot of symbols, shapes and almost hidden images that you can spot in this gallery, but Moppett doesn’t want you to worry about figuring out what it all means. He wants you to delight in the colour and how it makes you feel. (A gallery guide is available at if you’re curious to learn more about what the images represent).

Curator Nancy Tousley says “Time passes and circumstances change. Self and world are in a constant state of becoming. The sign of this becoming is alternately the fragment (the medium), painting-as-collage (the method) and montage (the method/form). In structure and content, Moppett’s work is all of a piece. The genius of his method lies in the medium which becomes the mechanism for producing new work, a vehicle for Moppett’s boundless imaginative capacity for invention. The medium is the message.”

To see the virtual tour, please click here.  

Image Credit:

Do You Remember/Snow & Stars, 2019
acrylic, oil, alkyd and mirror on canvas
Four panels; overall dimensions: 64″ x 135″