July 3, 2020

IAIN BAXTER& in Summer 2020 Border Crossings Magazine

Border Crossings Magazine
Robert Enright
Riding on the &: The Continuous Work of IAIN BAXTER&
Volume 39, Number 2, Issue No. 154, 2020, pp. 16 – 32

Hot off the presses! The Summer 2020 issue of Border Crossings magazine is now available and features  an insightful interview with IAIN BAXTER& . Below is a preview of the of introduction:

In 2011 the artist Iain Baxter officially registered the trademark “&” with the Intellectual Property Office of Industry Canada. The registration number TMA803,289 meant that he could legally attach the ampersand to his name. Iain Baxter became IAIN BAXTER&. It was a sensible, even inevitable transformation because from the beginning he has been an “and” kind of artist, the embodiment of living under the sign of the sign of the additive conjunction. As he happily declares, he is the &MAN.

The word “and” is congenial part of speech because it insists that whatever comes after it will establish a connection between at least two things, and in all likelihood many more. That is how IAIN BAXTER& understands the world; it is a place in which his function as an artist is to engage in an ongoing process of making connections among ideas, objects and people….

To read the entire article, please open the PDF listed below.