October 11, 2013

* The &MAN 50 Years & On

IAIN BAXTER&  * The &MAN 50 Years & On

You are cordially invited to join IAIN BAXTER&  & Ms. Louise Chance Baxter for the opening of the inaugural exhibition IAIN BAXTER&  *The &MAN 50 Years & On.

Opening Reception:

Friday, October 18th, 2013
6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

“IAIN BAXTER& has been challenging notions of art for more than fifty years. Inspired by his creative credo Art is All Over, he experimented (and continues to experiment) with non-traditional materials and modes of production. In doing so he pioneered new models of art making that collapsed boundaries between art, commerce and everyday life opening pathways for other artists to follow.”

David Moos from IAIN BAXTER&: Works 1958 – 2011, Art Gallery of Ontario. 

“IAIN BAXTER& has earned a substantial place in the international art forum. His influence has been strong and lasting, though he has not been copied. Most surprising he continues to grow, to create, to care and to imagine a world in which each of us can see the world in which we live with fresh eyes every day. BAXTER& changes the definition of art every time he makes something, and if that doesn’t help keep society on its toes then nothing much can….”

David Silcox from the essay IAIN BAXTER&’s Vacuum-Formed Plastic Masterworks, published on the occasion of the exhibition IAIN BAXTER&  *The &MAN 50 Years & On.

IAIN BAXTER&  *The &MAN 50 Years & On is the first in a series of exhibitions organized by TrépanierBaer Gallery scheduled to be presented over the next several years that will examine various aspects of the artist’s career.  The inaugural IAIN BAXTER&  *The &MAN 50 Years & On sets the stage with the presentation of BAXTER&’s early works within the context of his long-standing interest in consumerism, ecology, and information technologies. Major works from the influential Vacuum-Formed Series,1965, and the uncompromising and poetic work Fence,1967, will anchor the exhibition.

A signed limited edition poster and exhibition pamphlet with an essay by David Silcox will be available at the &MAN store during the opening reception.

For more information contact the gallery at info@tbg1.com or (403) 244 – 2066.

Image Credit:
Landscape with Mountains and Sea, 1965
Acrylic paint on vacuum-formed plastic
102 x 166 x 5 cm