May 8, 2021

New Acquisition: Harold Klunder

From the fall of 1997 through the spring of 1998 Harold  Klunder, at the invitation of the late Jeffrey Spalding,  taught painting  at the University of Lethbridge. During this time he lived in a small basement apartment that was both home and studio. It was a productive moment: inspired by the southern Alberta prairie light, he produced twenty-one paintings and thirty-five watercolours in a series that came to be known as The Lethbridge Paintings. Working back and forth between the quick, loose spontaneity of watercolour to the slowly constructed layers of the paintings Harold Klunder made some of his most open, organic and poetic works of the period. As noted in the accompanying catalogue for this series:  “Organic forms blossom, seethe, feed on one another and seem to contort within the thick menstruum of paint that is their hatchery.” (1) 

After nearly twenty years, TrépanierBear is pleased to re-present Secret Source, one of the signature works from The Lethbridge Paintings.

On view now.

For more information please contact the gallery
at or 403-244-2066

(1) James Campbell; Harold Klunder: The Lethbridge Paintings, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2000, p.7

Image Credit:
Harold Klunder
Secret Source, 1997/98
Oil on burlap
28″ x 32″ – canvas /39.5″ x 35.5″ – framed