March 27, 2018


Media Advisory

For Immediate Release 
March 27, 2018

Oscar Cahén
Published by The Cahén Archives in association
with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Price $ 85.00 CAN + shipping

TrépanierBaer Gallery is pleased to announce the release of the award-winning limited-edition book Oscar Cahén. 

More than five years in the making, Oscar Cahén is a publishing collaboration between The Cahén Archives and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

With the aid of extensive research from The Cahén Archives, ten contributors cast new light on the life and career of the European-born Canadian artist Oscar Cahén, from the shadows of his early life, staying one step ahead of the Nazis, through his spectacular rise as Canada’s greatest illustrator and principle founder of the avant-garde Painters Eleven, and ending with his tragic and untimely death in 1956 in Toronto.  

To read the entire press release, please open the PDF attachement listed below.

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