April 14, 2020

(Plan B) The South Window Project – James Carl: Maintenance

In an effort to provide you with a little relief from the restlessness, sluggishness, and at times irritability many of us are experiencing as a result of “cabin fever”, TrépanierBaer is announcing the (PLAN B) The South Window Project as part of its COVID-19 program.  Over the next several months, and throughout the lockdown, TrépanierBaer will program its south window space  (facing 10th  Avenue SW) with a series of installations, performances and events by artists TrépanierBaer represents and invited guests.

While out enjoying your daily stroll, run, or bike ride, and abiding by all of the COVID-19 regulations, including proper social distancing, those of you living in Calgary will be able to enjoy what we hope to be a series of engaging programs and events by many of our artists and invited guests. (PLAN B) The South Window Project will also be available on TrépanierBaer’s website, as an extension of the window installations, with more in depth profiles and features on each of the participating artists and their work. Those of you living outside of the region will also be able to participate in this program.

Out first exhibition titled Maintenance will feature the graphic work of internationally known James Carl.  James Carl is primarily known as a sculptor who has produced a sizeable and influential body of work that ranges from intimate small-scale stone sculptures to massive works like thing’s  end which monumentalize the lowly elastic band by casting it in bronze, aluminum or steel and producing it as a larger-than-life size sculpture. While working as a sculptor James Carl has simultaneously developed a significant body of graphic work that includes important prints and drawings and several public interventions. Maintenance features this work.

We hope that our  (Plan B) The South Window Project will provide you with a little relief from “cabin fever” and offer some art therapy to the whole community both here and afar during your daily walk in the neighborhood or your regular internet art browse.

It’s important more now  than ever to stay  connected  during these  difficult and bewildering  times, so please don’t hesitate to stay in touch. Let us know what you think, drop us a line, send us a smoke signal, a tweet or a thought on Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!


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Installation View
James Carl: Maintenance