May 4, 2020

(Plan B) The South Window Project – Wyn Geleynse: More Than Meets the Eye

Is your cabin fever getting  “high”, are you feeling a little anxious and fearful, maybe even a little paranoid, wondering what the neighbours are doing, and who’s out on the street?  Can’t sleep? Well you’re not alone.  Long time tenant Mr. G has been in lock down inside the 999 building just above TrépanierBaer for the past 48 days. He’s bug eyed, anxious and becoming paranoid. He needs a friend. When you’re out on your nightly stroll, run or bike ride, drop by to say hello and give him a wave or a high five. It’ll help to calm him down, and in the process you’ll both feel better.

Remember what the great Spanish writer José Bergamín once said:

Courage waits, fear goes searching.

On View Daily from
Sunset to 2:00 am

Second story windows facing East
Overlooking 8th Street at 10th Avenue S.W.

Considered one of the pioneers of the genre, Wyn Geleynse is an internationally recognized film and video projection artist. He lives works in London, Ontario.

The gallery will present an online profile of Wyn Geleynse and his work at in a few days. Stay tuned.

More than Meets the Eye was first presented at the Peel Heritage Complex Museum & Art Gallery in Brampton, Ontario in 2009.