December 12, 2017

Santa Baby…A Holiday Request from TrépanierBaer

TrépanierBaer has another simple request for Santa Baby…

Ask Santa to hurry down the chimney and bring you a few pairs of exquisite footwear! And even better would be the graceful graphite drawing titled Study for Doré Sneakers by Carol Wainio. Her paintings and drawings are inspired by various sources of literature, including illuminated medieval manuscripts, and the works of 19th century French artist and illustrator, Gustave Doré, whose playful prints of the precocious Chat Botté – also known as Puss in Boots – served as a source for this elegant drawing.

On view now at TrépanierBaer.

P.S. Make sure you explain to Santa that if brings footwear to accompany this work, he is NOT permitted to try on the shoes! You must let him know that this is not negotiable, no matter how much he insists. Ditto for the reindeer. 

To hear the entire version of Ms. Kitt’s mellifluous voice cooing into a microphone, suggestively singing her wish list for Christmas, please click here.

Image Credit:
Carol Wainio
Doré Sneakers, 2009
Graphite on paper / 15.75″ x 19.75″
Signed by the artist