December 7, 2017

Santa Baby…A Holiday Request from TrépanierBaer

In the spirit of the festive classic Santa Baby from 1953, TrépanierBaer is delighted to present its own Christmas list as per the tongue-in-cheek holiday favorite, with suggested gifts from our trove of stunning works.

This year, instead of a sable under the tree, ask Santa for… a bear! Well, not a real one, of course, but a depicted ursine creature by DaveandJenn in a colourful painting titled Ask Me Again if That Bear is a Rock, 2007. Inspired by the duo’s hike in the mountains some time ago, this stunning work has everything: neon and saturated colours, fantastical sylvan scenery set in the mountains, portraits of the artists, elegant lattice designs, and local fauna – including a bear! On view now at TrépanierBaer.

To hear the entire version of Ms. Kitt’s mellifluous voice cooing into a microphone, suggestively singing her wish list for Christmas, please click here.
Image Credit:DaveandJenn
Ask Me Again If That Bear is a Rock, 2007
Acrylic, resin / 49.5″ x 48″