December 20, 2022

Santa Baby…. Another Holiday Request

Christmas is coming! Why not give Santa a few more options as to what he could put under the tree for you from TrépanierBaer. For example….

One of Jen Aitken’s beautiful three-dimensional wire drawings comprised of thin angular edges and lines that seem to float in the space they demarcate. Or perhaps one of her two-dimensional ink drawings that suggest the spaces and volumes one of her sculptures might take.

One or two new works on paper by James Carl.  Inspired by the arrangement of simple spoons into a bouquet or snowflake shape, James Carl translates these shapes into positive and negative spaces with wafer-thin silver leaf, creating a beautiful and intricate pattern from a common object. Even better would be a series of these intimate works in a grid or other pattern displayed on any wall in your home.

Or a photograph from Stéphane La Rue’s Sols inapparents series of the marble and stone patterns of Renaissance museum and church floors in Rome. These surfaces are often seen and observed, but perhaps not fully experienced, and these photographs give prominence to these overlooked spaces.

So much to choose from! Let Santa know that any of these works would put a smile on your face.

Image Credit:

James Carl
spoon bloom 22.10, 2022
Sterling silver on paper
9″ x 9″