December 22, 2022

Santa Baby: Just One More Thing….

Hey Santa! There is just one more thing, or actually a few more things at TrépanierBaer that could be on anyone’s list…..

The gallery is presenting Shary Boyle’s whimsical Little Brown Bat, one of her works in porcelain produced in 2008. In the early 2000s, Boyle developed an interest in ceramics and started to produce her own versions of porcelain figurines, appropriating and disrupting the techniques drawn from Meissen and other traditional European porcelain manufacturers. Sculptures by Boyle from this period are rare.

At first glance it appears as though a refined figure has fallen to the ground. Two legs emerge from the layers and layers of a petticoat, and their delicate feet don elegant platinum evening shoes.  Also emerging from this foam of pink lace and crinoline are three other legs with bare feet. Oh la la la la! The rest is left to the viewer’s imagination….

Also at the gallery is a series of small, intimate photographs by Evan Penny from his Venetian Mirror series, inspired by the body of work produced for his 2017 exhibition in Venice. Taken with a cellphone camera, these images capture the reflection of one of his sculptures in the reflective and fragmented surface of another sculpture, resulting in a unique asymmetrical kaleidoscopic pattern that underscores the desire for representation and re-presentation, the fluidity between both concepts, and recall the ubiquitous selfie photographs that inundate social media platforms.

Santa, these uncanny works are sure to captivate and beguile any viewer, and are available now at TrépanierBaer.

Image Credit:
Shary Boyle Image Credit:
Little Brown Bat
, 2008
Porcelain sculpture
11” x 10” x 8”