June 11, 2021

Sarah Stevenson: Before the Storm – Video

Sarah Stevenson: Before the Storm is on view now at the Fonderie Darling in Montréal.  If you have not seen the exhibition, or would like to see it again, now is your chance. In fact, the Fonderie Darling is open until 10 PM on Thursday evenings. A daytime visit of this collective of six voluminous, transparent, ethereal sculptures  of wire and string –  floating, seemingly unfettered, in a wide and generous expanse of space – is breathtaking. The primordial essence of these works recall the elements of air, water and fire, and individually, some of these constructions evoke the human form. A night time experience of the exhibition – when daylight has diminished to dusk, and these graceful sculptures are lit by just a few spotlights in the dark great exhibition hall –  is exhilarating and electrifying, as if you were standing amongst exotic forms, whose sheer size inspires awe as you gaze upwards at them.

The Fonderie Darling has also produced a video featuring Sarah Stevenson, commenting on her practice and the work in this exhibition. To view it please click here.

Sarah Stevenson: Before the Storm at the Fonderie Darling until August 22, 2021.

Image credit:
Sarah Stevenson
Nighttime installation view of Sarah Stevenson: Before the Storm