August 11, 2023

SAVE THE DATE – FrAmEd: Ron Moppett and John Hall

Opens Saturday, September 9, 2023

TrépanierBaer Gallery, in partnership with Loch Gallery, is pleased to open our Fall 2023 season with FrAmEd: Ron Moppett and John Hall. Anchoring this unique exhibition will be a series of new paintings made collaboratively by the artists. Including new and recent works, the exhibition will also feature works the 1974 ground-breaking and influential Rose Museum exhibition, that was the artists’ first collaborative project.  Moppett and Hall have each sustained long and successful careers spanning over fifty years and have made resonant contributions to the cultural life of the region and the country. While offering a unique series of works to collectors to add to their collections, FrAmEd: Ron Moppett and John Hall shines a well-deserved spotlight on two formidable artists.

Oscar Cahén, Sarah Stevenson, Vikky Alexander

TrépanierBaer’s fall 2023 season continues with solo exhibitions featuring works by Sarah Stevenson in October, and Vikky Alexander in November. The gallery will be participating in the upcoming Art Toronto held between October 26 and 29. Featuring an outstanding roster of artists, the gallery will present works that are sure to interest collectors of all types.

Finally, TrépanierBaer in collaboration with the Cahén Archives will premiere Discovering Oscar Cahén: The Warrior.This documentary features poignant commentaries on the career of Oscar Cahén and his seminal painting The Warrior (1956), by curators Sarah Milroy, Jaleen Grove, Sara Angel, and artist David Urban, among others. Location screenings to be announced soon. To view the trailer, please click here. 

Alicia Henry and Chris Millar

The Talented Professor Henry: On Enigmatic Artist Alicia Henry

Nashville Scene
By Laura Hutson Hunter

Fisk Univeristy professor’s first solo exhibition titled Alicia on view as part of the inaugural statewide Tennessee Triennial. To read the entire article on line, please click here.

Music, Magic, and Machines: Exquisite Details Unfurl From Chris Millar’s Phantasmagoric Sculptures

This Is Colossal online magazine
by Kate Mothes

Worlds within worlds emerge from the kaleidoscopic visions of Canadian artist Chris Millar, whose meticulous sculptures encompass a range of materials, mechanisms, and sound. To read the article on line, please click here.

Image Credit:

John Hall and Ron Moppett
Match, 2023
Oil/alkyd (Moppett) and acrylic (Hall) on canvas
30″ x 30″