May 16, 2020

Shelter, 2020 – An interview with Wyn Geleynse

Listen and watch critically-acclaimed artist Wyn Gelyense in conversation with Yves Trépanier discuss the artist’s latest work Shelter, and his first encounters and explorations of the abandoned General Steel Wares warehouse in London, Ontario in the early 1970s.  This experience ignited Geleynse’s imagination and led him to envision the warehouse “… as a container for dreams and memories…” and the development of several major works from the 1990s through to today.

Geleynse describes the evolution of his work, and his reasoning around the power and poetry of film and photography: from his first major film projection, Untitled, presented in Vancouver in 1990, to Warehouse  in 1992, and the reconstruction and restoration of that work after it was destroyed in the 2013 flood in Calgary, through to his latest profoundly resonant work Shelter, 2020. Articulate, witty, open, and thoughtful, Geleynse speaks to  his working process and what fuels his drive to make art.

Click here  for the full interview and for images of some of the works referenced in the discussion.

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Shelter, 2020
17.75″ x 38.50″ x 30.25″