April 16, 2020

This Calgary art gallery has launched a safe outdoor exhibit downtown

Curiocity Staff

Jonesing for some visual stimulation that doesn’t require staring at a bright screen? Calgary’s TrépanierBaer Art Gallery on 10th Avenue just launched a captivating outdoor exhibit; this way passersby’s can still enjoy themselves at a safe, responsible distance.

A little art therapy does the mind some good! Plan B: The South Window Project is a way for the gallery to continue supporting local artists and their hard work and will rotate every few weeks. Every installation is promised to be engaging, compelling and placed strategically.

These guys took their time and actually placed ‘stand here’ decals on the sidewalk. This way, people know whether or not they are at an acceptable physical distance, which we dig.

Their first feature will be a James Carl exhibit called Maintenance, which you can actually read up about here! If we had to describe his work in one word, we use “minimalistic.” This guy uses thick black lines and clear images, which makes it a delight to look at.

We’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re walking about downtown, as long as you’re smart about it, of course! Whew. Great thinking, folks. You kind of nailed it with this idea!

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Installation View, (Plan B): The South Window Project  – James Carl: Maintenance