March 17, 2021

TrépanierBaer Presents: Dance Break

Let’s all take a long deep collective breath, and another, as the weight of winter and COVID isolation leaves our spirits, and as the spring light lingers in the western sky. The evening  breeze is warmer now, gently forecasting better times ahead.  TrépanierBaer’s doors are open, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on a more regular basis. We’ve organized  a group exhibition that celebrates art, artists, spring, and life out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Dance Break – Marcel Barbeau

Marcel Barbeau’s Amour, champagne et autre choses ( Love, Champagne and Other Things)  is the perfect COVID restrictions loosening, life-affirming painting.  Full  of colour, rhythm and vibrancy,  you’re sure to feel light on your feet when you see it; think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

And just to keep the energy moving, Barbeau’s magnificent  Escale dansante  (Dance Break)   painted  in 2013 when Barbeau was 88 years old is a tour de force.  It’s hard to image that at  88 years old, Barbeau – frail and ill –  could hang on to his deep love of life and make such a spirited, rhythmical, life-affirming work. A reminder to us all, that in the face of adversity, of whatever kind, one can always find beauty.

COVID  Head  – Evan Penny

Feeling like this guy these days: stretched to the limit, can’t focus, bewildered, and with drab skin?   Evan Penny’s  (Old) Stretch #3 sums  it up whether you’re  25 or 105  – this is the look, this is the feel at the moment. TrépanierBaer is presenting this signature work by Evan Penny from 2006 in conjunction with his latest  portfolio of photographs titled Why Do You Peel from Myself?. Conceived in the studio within the context of his latest sculpture Hanging Marsyas and the artist’s reflective Body Mirror wall reliefs,  these twisted, stretched, surreal reflections taken by the artist “become a kind of selfie” that call into question our relationship to the body and to the photographic image, and its disorienting and disembodying effect. Think of all the FaceTime and Zoom meetings you’ve participated in over the last year and the image you saw of your face reflected back to you in small or large screens, over, and over, and over again.

Printed by Dimitri Levanoff at Imagefoundry in Toronto (where Even Penny lives), this suite of seven (7) digital photographs are printed on German Hahnemühle cotton rag paper using archival pigment inks. These outstanding works confound the eye as they slip in and out of abstraction into representation and back again, and between painting and photography.

New Acquisitions and a Few Wondrous Objects From Our Vault

We are  thrilled  to present  a new  acquisition,  the  signature work  by DaveandJenn from 2014 titled  Just a touch/ It’s just a line; a vintage Ron Moppett from 1981;  Marion Nicoll’s magnificent Ritual from 1962 made shortly after her return from a European sojourn in the late 50’s and early 60’s; and just because we can, we are presenting Eric Cameron’s Red, Yellow and Blue from 1968 along with Oscar Cahén’s lively and expressive Untitled GFA 068 drawing  from circa 1954.

And there’s more!  Did we mention  Arthur Lismer  and  Carroll Taylor Lindoe, among others ? Drop  by – we’d  love  to see you.

You can visit anytime between Tuesday and Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM, however, COVID protocols are in place. You must year a mask, sanitize your hands upon  arrival, and  practice  physical distancing. We are limiting visits to ten people at a time. If you prefer to schedule an appointment,  simply call the gallery at (403) 244-2066 or contact us at


Image Credit:

Marcel Barbeau  (1925-2016)
Amour, champagne et autres choses, 2000
Acrylic on canvas
71” x 71”