May 2, 2018

Vikky Alexander at TrépanierBaer

Akimbo Blog
May 2, 2018
Lindsay Sorrell

I once lived in a 1970s-era house with two other roommates I found on Kijiji. The walls were covered with imitation wood panelling and the carpet was a seafoam green with a wave-patterned pile. In the living room was a wide bay window facing the front lawn so we could watch our children play or our garden party progress. Theoretically.

Vikky Alexander’s Other Fantasies at Trépanier Baer reminds me of that bay window and living inside another decade in another person’s utopia. As I walk into the gallery, gloriously massive vistas beckon me forward. I feel like I’m entering Minecraft – window-like perspectives created by blocks of colour and blown-up photographs run floor-to ceiling printed in vinyl, swallowing me up. The familiar shapes of hallways, rooms, and bay windows are cut out of images of natural elements and their imitations. Floral vistas, purple sunset skies, and images of treetops abut digitally manufactured wood texture, water, colour gradients, paisley, and polka dots.

To read the entire piece, please click here or open the PDF listed below.

Image Credit
Spot Waterfall, 2017