September 19, 2018

Vikky Alexander: Other Fantasies – Border Crossings

Border Crossings Magazine
Volume 37 No 3 Issue 147, pp.146-147
By Nancy Tousley

The dream-like spaces in Vikky Alexander’s “Other Fantasies” are comprised of shop windows filled with luxury goods, modernist interiors, grand 18th- and 19th-century parks adorned by architectural follies and wild animals, artificial wood-panel walls pieced by windows onto the landscape and a new images type that the Montreal-based artist presented as large hallucinogenic murals. These fantasy architectures, which seem to be positioned high up in the sky, suggested the tunnelled structure of a jetway or a skywalk above a scenic lookout, or the ultimate fantasy spa getaway.

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Image Credit:
Vikky Alexander: Other Fantasies
Installation View at TrépanierBaer, 2018