February 9, 2022

Winter 2022 Newsletter

In the last stanza of his exceptional poem Ode to the West Wind, Percy Shelley hopefully inquires “Can spring be far behind? While we patiently wait for the arrival of the new seasons, listed below are upcoming exhibitions to visit, and notices to peruse for TrépanierBaer artists.

Vikky Alexander
Manif d’art – The  Québec City Biennial
February 5 to April 25, 2022

Vikky Alexander’s Les Jardins de Le Nôtre à Versailles, her most recent body of work, is on view in an outdoor exhibition at this year’s Manif d’art – The  Québec City Biennial.  Les Jardins de Le Nôtre à Versailles isa stunning suite that expands on Alexander’s long standing interest in collage and found imagery.  Using engravings from 1720 of the fountains at Versailles by landscape architect André Le Nôtre as a template, Alexander’s new work brilliantly incorporates colour and black and white, creating a surprising landscape where abstraction and realism collide.  Additionally, she is presenting two wall collages in a solo exhibition titled Vikky Alexander at  the VU – Centre de diffusion et de production de la photographie.  For more information about the event, please click here. 

material + time
Kenderdine Art Gallery, Saskatoon, University of Saskatchewan
January 24 – April 15, 2022

Vikky Alexander is included in a group exhibition titled material + time at the Kenderdine Art Gallery. Curated by Cole Thompson, the exhibition explores the implied stability of our structural perceptions by bringing varying registers of time to bear on seemingly inert forms. Here, forms perceived as stable in stasis become malleable in duration: architecture crumbles, technology become obsolete, and systems deteriorate or fail. For more information about the exhibition, please click here.

Evan Penny: Stretch
Museum London, London, Ontario
February 3 to October 23, 2022

Evan Penny is renowned for creating hyper-realist sculptures formed, forged, and filtered through digital photography. On view now at Museum London is  Evan Penny: Stretch, an exhibition anchored by the sculptures Female Stretch, Variation #2 (2011), and Camille (2014).Both works raise questions about perception in the digital age. Can these sculptures be both an accurate representation of something—or someone—and a misrepresentation of reality?  For more information on the exhibition, please click here.

DaveandJenn:  A Forest Song
Musée d’art de Joliette, Québec
February 5  to April 24, 2022

The Musée d’art de Joliette is hosting the installation A Forest Song (2019) along with a new painting and a video diptych by  DaveandJenn. The still-lifes and painterly renditions of avian subjects by 17th-century Dutch artists served as DaveandJenn’s inspiration. These paintings stage plants and animals that have literally been transplanted from one context into another and exotic goods treated as symbols of wealth and abundance. They betray the beginnings of an economy based on the large-scale circulation of goods and an inequitable relationship between colony and home country, as well as between animal and human. In A Forest Song, as in a fable, the animals personifying vanity and envy, which lead to theft and violence, are the vehicles for a social critique. Referencing the Actaeon myth and employing an illusory sleight of hand that mixes high and low materials, the installation and the accompanying works also suggest a reflection on the deceptiveness of appearances. For more information, please click here.

Awakening: seeing beyond the frame
Group exhibition including Alicia Henry

Musée d’art de Joliette, Québec
February 5 to May 15, 2022

Alicia Henry  is included in a group exhibition titled Awakening: seeing beyond the frame at the Musée d’art de Joliette. Curated by Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre, the exhibition takes note that the frame is both a material and conceptual device that is used literally and metaphorically: it directs attention by demarcating the periphery of an image, blocking everything beyond it, or by designating the limits of a subject, power, or identity… The aesthetic strategies adopted by artists in this exhibition go well beyond issues of representation to offer other formal and material explorations that express the pressures exerted on bodies that exist at the crossroads of multiple force fields  To learn more about this exhibition, please click here.

Wyn Geleynse and Kim Moodie
Fanshawe College | Western University | Museum London
April  18 to May 1 , 2022

Wyn Geleynse and Kim Moodie will be in on view in a two-person exhibition at  the SATELLiTE Gallery.Geleynse will be presenting new works on paper; in particular two larger works devoted to portraiture.

Michael Smith: Urban Wild
On view until February 26,  2022

Audiences are enchanted by Michael Smith’s lush and dense re-presentations of the wooded areas near his home. If you have not seen the exhibition or would like to see it again,  now is your chance to take in the artist’s stunning new series of paintings.

Wege Gallery at the Wege Center for the Arts
Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa
April 1 to May 13, 2022

Chris Cran will be featured in a solo exhibition at the Wege Gallery in Fairfield, Iowa. On view is his recent series of paintings made with photo finishing plate substrates that provide him with new avenues of exploration for his practice.